What kind of surface is it possible to build the stage on?

Stage is possible to be built indoors as well as outdoors on concrete, grass, soil or sand covered surface. On uneven ground it might be needed to adjust the stage by leveling.

What is the loading capacity of the stage TOMKO®stage ?

Max. loading capacity of every aluminium panel is 750 kg/m2, hence stage is suitable for different kinds of events as concerts, dancing performances and other.

What are the dimensions of the stage TOMKO®stage?

A stage is built up of panels 2x1m. Stage panels are also produced in dimensions: >> 2x0,5 m, 1x1m and other…

What are the possible shapes of a stage?

We are producing stages of many different shapes and forms, e.g. of a square, rectangular, triangular ground plan or with rectangular or circular cut out.

stage 2x1mstage 2x0,5mstage 1x1mstage 2x1m cut

What is the possible height of a mobil stage?

We produce stage legs of different lengths hence a stage can reach from 30 cm up to 120 cm. If requested the height can go up to 150cm. 

What about the price?

Since we are covering also the production of the stage we are able to offer a very reasonable price. However, it depends on the shape and dimensions of the stage.

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